5 Rules for Making Money in Real Estate

Making your fortune in real estate is not as hard as you might think, and it can be extremely lucrative.  Whether you want to sell real estate or become a real estate investor the potential to earn a substantial amount of money is there for you.  However most people give up on real estate way too early, they find it too hard to find leads or the high numbers in real estate scare them off.  But if you want to make it in real estate there are some qualities that you are going to need, let’s look at the 5 rules for making money in real estate.


You need to have your head on straight, be clear thinking and focused when it comes to real estate.  You need to believe that you can succeed in this field that you won’t be so easily discouraged and that you can totally do this.  Believing in yourself is harder than most people think, we all suffer from self-doubt but you need to get around that and become determined.   Here is some help getting in the right mindset.

Put in the Work

No matter how you decide to tackle real estate as an agent or investor, nothing is going to get handed to you. You need to put in the work. This isn’t an easy career otherwise everyone would be doing it. You are going to be the one hustling for clients or looking for that perfect property. You are solely responsible for r your own income, so get out there and put in the work.

Get out and Network

Real estate is about making connections.  You will need to start building a rolodex full of realtors, investors, mortgage brokers and contractors.  Making money in real estate is about solving problems and having a network of people who can help you get that done is priceless, whether you need repairs done on an investment property or financing, you need to know the right people.

Learn Everything You Can

Improvement is essential and when you’re first starting in real estate you are going to have a lot to learn.  Find a mentor, read books, tap into experts that you know.  The more you learn the faster you will be able to grow your business.  But…at some point you’re going to have to stop learning and start taking action.

You’re Going to Need Money

The old adage “you need money to make money” is true, the good thing is, it doesn’t have to be your money.  Money can come from many different sources, your own bank account, banks or other financial institutions, partners, private lenders and even hard money loans.  You may even need a combination of one or more to get the deal done.

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